Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Touch the Dark

Touch the Dark (Cassandra Palmer, #1)Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cassie Palmer works part-time at an Atlanta club reading Tarot cards. What people may not know is that she is really a powerful clairvoyant who is finding it difficult to escape her past. Orphaned at a young age she was raised by a powerful Vampire, Tony, who wanted to use Cassie's abilities for his own good. Three years ago Cassie escaped from Tony and has been hiding ever since. But Tony has found Cassie and to save herself Cassie is forced to turn to the Senate for protection, Cassie is thrown into a complex conflict where control of the entire supernatural world is at stake. Rasputin, a power-hungry vampire, is killing off the Senate members one by one. Now Cassie along with some very powerful Vampires, must use everything in her she has learned in the past plus a few new tricks to save the Senate and herself.

This book doesnt offer anything new to the Vampire/Paranormal genera but it does offe a host of fun and sometimes historical characters that keep the story moving. Cassie is a likable smart character that has you cheering for her and hoping she stakes all the vampires even the ones that are "good".

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