Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wasting Time

On more than one occasion I have spend my time wisely by multitasking. It’s not often but on occasion I am very productive. This morning I wish I was able to multitask and be productive instead I was forced to do one thing at a time and I was more annoyed then ever.

I am in the middle of a really good book. The kind that you stay up late reading and read in the morning stead of putting makeup on and while you are driving to work you really want to be reading instead.

In fact the book is good you briefly try and figure out how can I drive through the treacherous canyon and read at the same time. You contemplate how to hold the book so you can drive and read without taking your eyes off the road. For a split second you think you have figured this out and know you can do it.

But then reality sets in and you know that it would be wrong to read and drive at the same time. After all you have seem the signs and commercials saying distracted driving is as bad as drunk driving and you know that focusing on your driving is the right thing to do. Even though deep down you are sure you are the one person in the world who could do both.

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