Monday, January 16, 2012

Purging Books

I have a hard time getting rid of books. Like a really hard time. Even if I don't like the books I will keep it. To me books are valuable and you should never get rid of them. But lets be honest they don't have any monetary value. I don't own any rare books worth money but books have information and knowledge and that's why I don't like getting rid of them.

The 1st 20 books I am purging/donating.
But I made a New Year Resolution goal to purge my books. And yea I have made my first purge. I am going to do this every month this year.

I am not sure I will have as many books as I do this time but I thought I would start with books that I have read and never thought about once I put them down and books I started but never finished and they have been sitting on a shelf all this time.

What is your criteria for keeping or discarding books?


  1. Any good ones? I'm not sure how I feel about you getting rid of my inheredence (how do you spell this word, spell check is letting me down)! ;-P

  2. No cousin they are no good ones.


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