Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Used Books

This weekend I went to the local used book sale.

Its not really a bookstore in the traditional sense. But there are a lot of used books you can buy or trade. And my cousin Hanna will be happy to know that instead of buying new books I simply traded the books I have and didn't spend any money.

So with two boxes and 2 bags full of books I took them to the book sale to trade them in for new ones. The deal was for every 4 books you brought in you got 1 book and if you got 4 trade in books you get and extra book. Confusing? Think of it like for every 16 books you got 5 books. It was paperbacks for paperback...etc.

Based on the number of books I traded I got 6 hardbacks or trade publications and 13 paperbacks.

That's right I had a pile of books that high just laying on the floor by my dresser.

I was very proud of myself for finally doing something with the books. And The BF was very happy that I finally took those piles of books some where else.

That is until I stuck the pile of new books in the exact same spot the old books had been sitting for a couple months.

What? Its the perfect place for them!!!

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