Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do You Read Smutty Books?

The other day I had a bizarre book conversation with a friend of mine.

It started out innocently enough my friend asked if I had read a popular and according to reviews scandalous book.

I have not read this book. I may have turned my nose up at the book (I have a bad habit of not reading a book when its popular just so I can say I haven't read).

This prompted the following conversation about my friend wanting to read a naughty book (meaning lots of sex) and needing recommendations on what books to read.

  • Friend: I want spice up my sex life naughty and a good story. What books can you suggest?
  • Me: How spicy?
  • Friend: I want it hot
  • Me: Historical? Paranormal? Contemporary?
  • Friend: Im ok with any but I like historical better.
  • Me: Romance or just smut?
  • Friend:  Are ther good smut books? I'd like yummy and melt my panties off too. 
I made a few a romance book suggestions that are a nice read with lots of sex. And then...
  • Friend: Do you have any smutty suggestions?
  • Me: I like the Meredith Gentry books they are full of lots and lots of sex. 
  • Friend: Ill have to try them. I need a little dirty sex in my innocent life.
  • Me: I've got need the black dagger brotherhood books. The first one is Dark Lover. Very hot very intense very detailed steam comes up off the book. Im getting hot just thinking about it.
  • Me: Run dont walk to get them
  • Me: They are paranormal but not your average vampire book. Its got a whole new twist and lots of hot men.
  • Me: Doing things that made me go what, how, oh my
  • Friend: LOL...I'll download one tonight. I knew I could count on you.
This is a real conversation that I had via text. I couldn't make this up.

Often people ask me for book suggestions. I hate giving them because everyone has such different taste in book.

In this case I am sure my suggestion was a good one because I got the following text later that night?
  • Friend: Not that you want to know...but this book is awesome and my husband is happy too! Thanks! lol.
And on that note I am now offering my services as a smutty book finder!!!

Happy Reading


  1. Ok, so I have had the same conversation and coincidentally recommended the same series! I also just finished Lover Reborn, fantastic!


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