Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Game On Diet

The Game On! Diet: Kick Your Friend's Butt While Shrinking Your OwnThe Game On! Diet: Kick Your Friend's Butt While Shrinking Your Own by Krista Vernoff

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One day a coworker and good friend started telling us about this new diet where you make losing weight a team sport and she thought we should all play. So I went online and bought the book. What a fun idea make weight loss a team sport. The cover of this book says: "Kick your friends' butt while shrinking your own." but this book was not really a diet book it’s more of a healthy lifestyle change. Participates receive points for doing healthy habits and loss points for bad habits. You are accountable to team members and you have a built in support when you have a bad day and your impulse is to go home and eat everything in site. All you need to do is call a team member and have them talk you down off the over eating ledge.

I have read several diet books. I know how to be healthy but I have never put it in to practice. It all seems like a lot of work. After reading this book I thought I can do this, and I jumped feet first onto the band wagon. I have got my family all involved and we are starting the game next week. I have tweaked a few things to better fit my lifestyle and health needs. I don’t follow the diet fully more like I have incorporated the suggestions into eating healthy. I like the 5 meals but 2 of my meals are my Green Drink. I also liked the idea of getting points for getting rid of a bad habit (I choose saying F word) and points for doing a good habit (I choose daily meditation) In addition you get bonus points for losing weight or meeting a fitness goal.

I am not sure if this will work for everyone but I am competitive enough to have it work for me.

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