Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played with FireThe Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mikael Blomkvist's magazine is doing a story on the sex trafficking operation. It will expose many people involved and criticizes the government for the lack of attention to this crime. Salander the computer hacker is in a world all her own dodging her past and trying to create a place she feels save is still checking in on Mikael without his knowledge. When the reports writing the expose are killed the night before the magazine is published everyone is shocked but no one more than Mikael when Salander finger prints are found at the crime scene. Knowing she is being set up Mikael tries to solve the crime before its to late for both him and Salander.

WOW!!!! This is really all I have to say about this series, so far. Larsson just takes our hands and leads us exactly where he wants us to go and we as the reader our left in awe and wonder and hoping the ride doesn't end. I am truly sad that Stieg Larsson only wrote 3 books. I want to hurry and finish the next in the series but I am sad that it will be over. Please read these books they are worth the time.

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