Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spider's Revenge

Spider’s Revenge (Elemental Assassin, #5)Spider’s Revenge by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gin Blanco sister's Bria is in a lot of trouble. Their enemy Mab Monroe has placed a bounty on Bria's head to flush out the assassin the Spider. And every bounty hunter in 100 miles is in town to complete the job. But Gin, aka the Spider, isn't about to let anyone harm her sister and decides to finally kill Mab. But Mab is a powerful Fire Elemental and not that easy to kill. After two failed attempts Mab finally has her hands on Bria and she thinks on the Spider but Gin has friends that will do anything to help her including taking down Mab.

I love this series. Just when you are about to get tired of the feud between Gin and Mab, Gin kills Mab and your left wondering what next but you dont have to worry because Jennifer Estep tells you that trouble is not yet down with Gin and her friends.

I cant wait until the next book and luck for me it's coming out in a week.

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  1. I will probably have to read this simply because there is a character named gin and let's face it. When you're named after an alcoholic beverage, you're awesome.

  2. Heck ya you should Gin...its a little dark but really good. The next book comes out tomorrow...I have already preordered it.


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