Monday, February 27, 2012

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

This year I have decide I need to keep up on my book reviews.

Periodically I just don't post reviews even though I keep reading and reading and reading. Then I think I need to post a reviews but then I have 10 books finished and think ugh that's to much and I decide to give up. But now I am dedicated to keep reviewing books.

I know you are all relieved...all 6 of you (thank you by the way for liking my blog and following it).

Plus I have decided to do a few new features.
  1. Starting next week on Monday I am going to have a link up for any book reviews you have written now or in the past. 
  2. And I am going to solicit (not that kind) guest bloggers to post their book reviews and/or book commentaries.
I hope you will join me and enjoy these features.

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