Friday, April 6, 2012

My Books Have Hidden Treasure...Really They Do!!!

The other day while rearranging my books I noticed a tiny corner of a piece of paper sticking out of one of books.

Assuming it was a lost piece of paper that I had used briefly as a book marker, I opened the book and found not a piece of scrape paper but a dollar bill.

I am not sure how it ended up in the book but I have one of two scenario.

  1. I was carrying the book around in my purse while I was reading it. At some point I purchased something, when I got my change I just shoved it in my purse and the dollar ended up in the book. I some how never noticed it and when I finished the book it ended up on a book shelf. The dollar stayed hidden for 3 years (that's when I read the book) despite my 2 moves and constant rearranging of books.
  2. I actually used the book as a book marker while I was reading the book. One day while I was somewhere my reading got interrupted and I grabbed the closest thing to mark my page and it happened to be a dollar bill. I probably thought to myself when I finish the book I will put the dollar in my wallet. When I finished the book my wallet was not handy and I stuck the dollar back in the book thinking I will get it later. The book got put on the shelf and forgotten all about.
Of these two scenarios number 2 is the most likely reason. I have used money as book markers before. To my knowledge I have never left the money in the book. But if I have done it once I have done it before.

I am going to start pulling books off the book shelves and look for treasure.

This has me


  1. I once found a check that had been written to me for payment for babysitting... so I think the 2nd scenario is the right one too.

  2. LOL....I have done the 1st one occasionally.

  3. I love little "happy accidents" like that.

    Stopping in via the blog hop.

    Bev @ Blue Velvet Vincent

  4. I've never used money as bookmarkers, but perhaps I should... especially if it means finding surprises down the road when you least expect them ;)


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