Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Green Smoothie Diet

Green Smoothies RX: The Natural Program for Extraordinary HealthGreen Smoothies RX: The Natural Program for Extraordinary Health by Robyn Openshaw-Pay

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This book is all about eating lower on the food chaim. As in vegetables and fruit. Then you mix it all in a blender and drink it. Robyn Openshaw-Pay starts by explain how she came to the revelation that she needed to change her families eating habits. So she went back to the basics raw green vegetables. She includes testominal from others who have tried her diet along with some really good recipes.

I have been drinking these drinks for about a month. Reading this book has cemented my belief that this was a good choose for me. I am not sold on her whole diet, no meat. I love a good steak and wont be giving up my BFs yummy steaks any time soon but I do beleive that cutting back on certain foods is a good idea health wise. Mostly I believe that I dont get enough fruits and vegtables and this is a good way for me to suppliment my diet.

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